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Trees in the Fence Line: What to Do

Trees in yards are lovely, but in the fence line can be problematic. Here’s how to get around them.

Building a fence might be easier said than done, depending on the type of property you have. Each property might have a specific set of challenges, and a fence contractor must know how to deal with each of them. In Maryland, trees grow easily and in abundance. If you have trees in the fence line, you have at least three options for how you can solve it.

Build Around the Tree The second approach is to build a box around the tree. Your fence would border your property with a box-like indent to make room for the tree. This gives plenty of room for the tree to continue growing in peace. You might have to grind through a tree root or two when installing fence posts, but this should not kill the tree.

Build Up to the Tree Another idea is to build the fence up to the tree with a vertical gap to allow the tree to grow more. If you build up to the tree, you always want to leave room for the tree to grow. If metal is involved, never let the metal sit against the tree, as these materials will damage one another. Building up to the tree with a gap is okay as long as you are not trying to fence in pets.

Fit the Tree’s Profile The fourth option is to build a fence up to the tree but allow it to fit its profile as closely as possible while leaving a two-inch gap between it and the trunk. These last two options enable you to have a fence of any style that looks more or less seamless, even with the presence of a tree.

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